Thursday, 29 July 2010

Red Ribbon RAYA Giveaway Contest

Dam dam dum....bunyi mercun!! yeeehaaa...raye datang lagi!!!!!

eyh.......blum lagi.pase dulu ye puan-puan......anyway..the reason why i jadi excited sgt nak raye ni sbb contest ni la! sume salah contest ni! hihi....contest kali ni datangnyer dari shopping belog..menarik kan? bile dtg dari shopping belog..mst la hediah die dari belog tu jgk x? ni belog baju taw....kalo mng..dpt la bju raye 1.heheh

How to join?

1. Put the contest banner on your blog (preferably on sideboxes), this is not a must.
2. Be Red Ribbon Boutique follower (just click on the follow button, that easy!).
3. If you have facebook, you may click on Facebook LIKE button on top of this page.

4. Put up your 3 (three) WHISTLIST for Raya (be it from Red Ribbon Boutique blog, or other blog, doesn't matter for us) and let us know why. Write a story about the upcoming Raya and also a bit or Red Ribbon Boutique Blog.

5. Tag 3 of your friends.
6. That's it! Please leave comment on this post so we know that you are joining :)
7. The contest will be closed on 1st of September 2010. Winner will be announced and prize will be sent before Raya.

There will be 2 winners for this contest, each will get:


Either one of these dresses :)

and entitled for 10% discount on any brand new item (normal price items) goes!!!

my three wishlist for raye

1. MNG vintage wallet/bag (omg...worth dying for) dress/top on sale!!
3. Black with Green stripes Vest (for my beloved boyfie....)

now......regarding the up coming not really looking forward to it since it will be my last raya in Malaysia before i go to UK in September *sob sob* in going during Raya! HOWEVER! that doesn't mean I have to ditch all of the exciting preparation before Raya rite? hehehe...SHOPPING!!!! up until now..i had bought my favourite baju kebaya and a polka dot baju kurung..both in my favourite my mother was not very pleased with the colour at first (Raya = crazy colourful striking colour)..but then she had to agree since I had been craving for it for months. I believe..that this upcoming Raya..I will be richest among the other kids because im going is like a custom in our family to give lots and lots and lots OF MONEY ( i hope) to anyone "clever" enough to go to oversea *ehem ehm uhuk uhuk* so here..I wolud like to give an early message to both of my younger brother who always get much more duet raye than me..........I will win this time!!!!

so now lets talk about the Red Ribbon Boutique first impression of the blog! nice second impression! nice blog tittle..its very creative..uuisng the ribbon shape to make the letter "R". never thought of dat before.. my third impression came when i see the MNG wallet /bag......... IT WAS MEANT TO BE MINEE!! is so immediately check my old rusty wallet...but unfortunately...i got nothing left poor!! im a poor girl who wants MNG cynical can that be~ then i saw the baju-baju... all of it were very nice indeed...and i want it all! know what..huhuhu

so here's my friends who i wanted to tag


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