Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Contest Jelingan Manja


click da banner untuk join!

Tarikh tutup: 22 January 2011

so...here I am again with another contest setelah di tag oleh ma friend. Contest ni bernama CONTEST JELINGAN MANJA.

Here are term and condition:

1. Create one entry regarding this contest, and don't forget to put CONTEST JELINGAN MANJA as the tittle oke fellas
2. Follow THIS blog and THIS too if rajin.
3. Copy the banner with backlink. 
4. Choose any picture yang related to the theme!
5.make sure its your own picture..and tuan rumah nampaknye tak kisah la ramai-ramai or seorang.
6.tag any of your friend..at least one person.
7.Komen this entry and don't forget to leave your link.
8.boys pun boleh masuk ye

Hadiah -hadiah untuk pemenang:

Hadiah pertama : 
1 pair Geo lens with cute lens case or 2 shawl+inner 

Hadiah kedua:
1 pair Geo lens or shawl+inner

Hadiah ketiga:
shawl + inner

2 x Shawl

here's my picta:

here are the people I wanna tag: